Appeals and Complaints Process

Please note that ABS Group Ltd. provides its clients with a contractual right of appeal. If you would like to address a concern with certification, please refer to our Appeals Process.


ABS Group Ltd. provides its clients with a contractual right of appeal. The appeals process provides a formal procedure for resolving client and third-party disputes as \ rulings, determinations or actions by ABS Group Ltd. related to certification. All appeals must be in writing and addressed to:

ABS Group Ltd.
EQE House, The Beacons
Warrington Road
Birchwood, Cheshire
Warrington, England WA3 6WJ
United Kingdom


Complaints against ABS Group Ltd. or any of its certification clients, may be submitted to any employee of ABS Group Ltd. Complaints may be submitted in any form of communication, including by letter, fax, e-mail, in person or by phone. The recipient of the complaint will attempt to resolve the issue, if possible. If further action is needed, the PED Program Manager will take the necessary steps to make sure that the complaint is dealt with in a timely manner. Throughout this process, the originator of the complaint will be notified of the progress of resolution until the complaint has been resolved and the matter closed.

ABS Group Ltd. holds the highest degree of integrity, and will not act in a discriminatory nature toward our clients who raise an appeal and/or complaint.

Complaint Form